Adult Tennis

Tennis Program Days & Times

We are committed to promoting tennis as a lifestyle by developing member tennis programs that demonstrates professionalism and unsurpassed services to players of all ages and skill levels. Email:

Spring Adult Tennis Clinics:

May 6 through June 8

Weekend Warriors

Saturday 9:00-10:30                                              $25 (drop in class)

Get ready to take your tennis skills to the next level with our ongoing program designed for advanced intermediates and beyond! Each week promises an exhilarating mix of technical challenges and friendly competition to keep you on your toes and your game sharp.

Beginner and Advanced Beginner Class  Click here to register

Tuesday 6:30-7:30                                                 $125


Saturday 11:00-12:00                                           $125

Get set to ace your game with our dynamic courses, where you’ll master essential strokes for both singles and doubles play, from powerful serves to precise net maneuvers. Get ready for a thrill as we dive into scoring strategies and perfect positioning for maximum court domination!

Adult Immersion Program         Click here to register

May 17-19                                                                $225

Fri 6:00-9:00pm, Sat/Sun 11:00-2:00

Dive into the ultimate tennis immersion experience with our Adult Immersion Program, where we’ll delve deep into perfecting every aspect of your game, from powerful forehands to graceful volleys and overheads. Get ready for a thrilling journey filled with individual assessments, dynamic drills, and exhilarating singles and doubles matches—all topped off with personalized video reviews to take your skills to new heights

*NOTE: All programs must have at least 4 players signed up in order be held. Times may change slightly due to other programs not filling.

Summer Adult Tennis Clinics:

June 24 through July 21

Weekend Warriors Drop In Class

Saturday 9:00-10:30                                              $25

Ladies Intermediate Doubles 

Thursday 6:00-6:30                                               FREE    (Sign up by emailing each week)

Beginner and Advanced Beginner Class            Click here to register 

Tuesday 6:30-7:30                                                 $125


Saturday 11:00-12:00                                           $125

Intermediate Tennis Class        Click here to register 

Saturday 12:00-1:00                                              $125

Private and Semi-Private lessons available
Private Lesson $85 per hour
Semi-Private Lesson additional $15 per person, per hour