Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis Programs, Schedules & Registration

Our youth tennis programs normally run from May 1st – October 31st, and have something for all ages 4+. Our current clinic offerings are below.

Our Summer Junior Tennis is an intensive six-week team environment, similar to the DSRC Swim Team.  Kids practice every weekday and have a tennis match once a week.  There are team events, such as pep rallies, team t-shirts and end of season party. Junior Team Tennis allows kids to have fun, be on a team, enjoy team spirit, make friends, and learn to love tennis for a lifetime.

ALL PLAYING LEVELS ARE WELCOME! If your tennis player is nervous or not quite sure if they are ready, please send them for a trial run. We strive to make the JTT an inclusive, fun environment.

Do you need a racquet for your child?  Fret not, we sell them in the tennis office and will get them fit with the proper size.

2024 Spring Junior Tennis

May 6 through June 8

4-5 year old Pickleball/Tennis:  Click here to register

Monday and Wednesday 4:30-5:00pm                        $  75

6-8 year old  Pickleball/Tennis: Click here to register

Monday and Wednesday 5:00-5:45pm                        $115

Get ready for a springtime adventure as we blend the best of pickleball and tennis for our young players aged 4-8! With a mix of equipment and courts, it’s a recipe for fun-filled learning that’ll have them bouncing with excitement!

9-12 year old  Tennis:       Click here to register

Tuesday /Thursday 5:00-6:00                                         $150

Get ready for an exciting tennis journey filled with fun and improvement! We’ll kick off each class with energizing warm-ups and focus on refining your form, followed by plenty of opportunities to practice different strokes and enjoy friendly games.

13-18 year old Tennis:      Click here to register

Monday 5:45-7:00/Friday 4:00-5:15                            $190

Get ready to elevate your game and have a blast! This class is all about fun, technique, and mastering both singles and doubles play as well as serving, grips and net play. Personalized feedback will help you shine on the court.

2024 Summer Junior Tennis


This program will be broken into 2-week periods with a discount for singing up for all 3

Session I June 17-28

Session II July 1-12 (off July 4)

Session III July 15-26                                             SESSION I /  II /   III  ALL 3

Juniors Monday through Friday:           

4-8 yrs Tennis        9:15-10:00                                                      $115/$100/$115     $250

9-12 yrs Tennis      10:30-11:30                                                     $150/$135/$150   $325

13 and up Tennis    9:30-10:30                                                     $150/$135/$150   $325

The Summer Junior Tennis is one of DSRC’s hallmark programs and is open to DSRC members, ages 4-18 and all levels! This is a fabulous program to get a tennis racquet in the hands of our youngest members and keep it in their hands until they graduate from highschool!!!  As a member of Summer Junior Tennis, athletes will hone their skills on ALL basic tennis strokes and learn how to structure and play points to experience success in tennis competition. Tennis is a challenging sport to learn….this opportunity will allow your young human tennis success. All members will participate in weekly practice stroke technique as well as learn strategies to help them win the point! This will be accomplished by a mixture of stroke production practice, strategy sessions and some good old fashion fun!

Practices will be aligned with swim team age group practice times. It is the desire of the Club for our young members to experience the best of both of these amazing sports.

All levels are welcome to join the! If for some reason, your athlete is nervous, send them out for a trial session…we have a 100% return rate! Also, regarding tennis racquets, please see Head Tennis Pro.