Our Memberships Are On a Waitlist!

We have reached our maximum number of memberships, 460, and are currently on a waitlist!

Click here to join our waitlist

*An application fee of $50 is due upon completion of the application. This fee will be applied to your Initiation Fee when your family is offered a membership. If you decline the membership, when offered, there is no refund of the application fee.

Waitlist Policy

The waitlist will be kept by the DSRC GM and Membership Director in the Membersplash portal.

Memberships will be offered to wait list members strictly based on the date of application, with no preference given to any groups for any reason.

Inactive members who are in good financial standing with DSRC will be offered the first available membership if they decide to become active again.

Members will have one week (7 days) from the date of offering to accept membership and make payment of all required fees.

If a waitlist member opts not to join their application will be deleted and they can apply again at a later date but their application spot will not be saved.

2024 Fee Structure

Annual Dues: Dues are $725 for a family membership. This includes all family members living at home. There are no additional costs at DSRC such as court time.

Initiation Fee: The initiation fee is $400. This one-time fee is paid when you join and is not refunded for any reason. This fee was instituted as a capital improvement fund. As a non-profit, all fees go toward improving the facilities. We make improvements every year, keeping DSRC as one of the nicest clubs in the area. $50 is paid via your application fee so you will pay $350 at the time of joining.

Bond: The bond is $1,000. It is a fully-refundable fee and is payable over first 2 seasons of membership at $500 per year. DSRC is a member owned Club and the bond is each family’s ownership in the Club. Should you resign your membership, the bond payment will be returned to you once we have sold your membership to a new member.

Total Fees Due Upon Membership Offer: $1,625