Clarifications as to Our Court Access Policies:

  • At all times DSRC Tennis Program will strive to make available at least one tennis court for unscheduled member use.
  • We choose to make programs for our Junior priority events.
  • Certain scheduled events conducted by the DSRC Tennis Program will, on occasion, require use of ALL courts.
  • In situations where a conflict exists between a members request and a scheduled DSRC tennis event, priority shall be given to the scheduled DSRC event.

In such circumstances, DSRC will:

  • Post announcement for All Courts Reserved times on the Tennis Bulletin board.
  • Post All Courts Reserved information on the DSRC website.
  • If these All Courts Reserved announcement activities have not occurred at least 24 hours before All Courts Reserved times, DSRC will yield a court to the requesting member for 1 hour.
  • In additional, DSRC shall hang a reminder sign on court gates during such periods.

Authority of the DSRC Pro:

  • DSRC Tennis Pro shall be empowered to request any member, member’s child, or guest to vacate courts for interference with a scheduled DSRC tennis event, mis-use of courts resulting in possible damage to DSRC assets, behavior deemed inappropriate or potentially offensive to others, or behavior causing risk or harm to his or her self or others.
  • The DSRC Tennis Pro is empowered to make decisions about use of, and access to, the DSRC tennis courts and tennis equipment.
  • The DSRC Tennis Pro will address any member requesting his attention within 15 minutes of the member expressing his or her need for a conversation. Conversations should occur outside the boundaries of the fenced tennis court area. The DSRC Tennis Pro may break off conversation after 5 minutes to return to a DSRC scheduled tennis event.
  • Where efforts at compromise fail, or no alternative exists, as determined by the DSRC Tennis Pro, the DSRC Tennis Pro shall be empowered to request any member, member’s child, or guest to vacate courts for duration of a pre-scheduled event, or until such time as DSRC Tennis Pro can make a court available.
  • Under such circumstances, member shall be informed of next court availability.

Conduct while Managing Disagreements between DSRC Tennis Pro and Members:

  • Let’s all serve as examples to the children of our club in exemplifying mature conflict resolution.
  • Both parties have a reasonable expectation of being treated cordially and with respect. Discourse that rises above a conversational tone, or includes disparaging remarks shall be deemed unacceptable.
  • Should either party feel policies stated herein have not been observed, then the following escalation steps are to be followed:
  1. Engage onsite DSRC Club Manager to assist in resolving matter.
  2. Escalate incident to Tennis Program Board Chair.
  3. If unable to reach Tennis Board Chair, escalate incident to DSRC Club President.

Feel free to provide your comments, suggestions or concerns to